Andrew Freeland-Viarruel


Andrew has been a life long comic fan and collector.

After winning reprint issues of Amazing Fantasy #15 and Amazing Spider-Man #4, Andrew was hooked and would go on to collect a wide range of comic series from DC Comics and Marvel to Image and various other indies.

Though he primarily focuses on the mainstream like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, he continues to enjoy many classic indies such as Y the Last Man and the Walking Dead as well as the likes of Red Sonja and the occasional Witchblade.

Never turning down a chance to check out anything, Andrew continues to enjoy his collection and expanding his comic interests.

Andrew has a wide range of interest and enjoys many other facets of Geekdom such as Horror Movies, Technology and enjoys being artistic. Whether by drawing or creative writing and has even written a novel, Pandemic: The Pine Cove Incident.

Follow Andrew on Twitter: @AViarruel


“You’ll Believe a Man Can Fly”

Scott has been reading comics long enough to remember buying them off spinning racks, in stores housed in basements and even from the occasional dry cleaners.

One of his fondest memories is watching Superman the movie, believing a man can fly, and finding comics to help fuel his imagination further.

While he loves to read the exploits of his favourite superheroes on a weekly basis, he also enjoys titles outside the mainstream like Black Hammer, Planetary, Transmetropolitan and Locke & Key.

Outside of comics Scott spends his time with his Wife and two kids living the Geek Dad Life and is a big fan of horror movies, technology and making a killer podcast!

Find him on Twitter @justacomicsnerd